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Tech for Teams

Transform your team’s tech skills with our instructor-led tech courses.

Blending instructor-led sessions with a collaborative community experience, our courses are designed to overcome the common pitfalls of self-directed learning. Unlike traditional corporate training, which often lacks interaction and real-world application, our approach ensures active engagement and practical learning.

We offer engaging, practical training in disruptive tech such as Generative AI, Python, and SQL, ensuring that your team not only learns but applies new skills to drive innovation and efficiency.

Prepare your team for the future and join the global community of over 8,000 learners.

Coding for Kids

Discover our kids coding courses, where innovation meets inclusivity!

Our approach ensures a supportive environment, helping each child thrive at their own pace. We’re also ASC friendly, making sure that no child is left out!

Trusted by parents, schools and UK councils, we offer a learning experience that spans from app creation to mastering Python, all taught by our tech experts.

Start your child’s coding adventure with a free session and see why parents trust us to ignite a passion for technology in their young learners.

A Collaborative Learning Experience

Gone are the days of solitary learning through endless YouTube videos, self-driven courses, and aimless forum scrolling!

At Coding with CodeX, we redefine the learning experience by providing a thriving community space that fosters collaboration and continuous engagement.

Our platform not only connects you with peers but also grants direct access to expert instructors, ensuring your learning journey in tech doesn’t end with the classroom.

Dive into a supportive network where tech enthusiasts can grow, ask questions, and build collectively.

Join the CodeX Community and start your transformative journey in technology!

Endorsed by a global community of learners and in partnership with the world’s most innovative companies and institutions.