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Saturday Code Club

Every week @ 10am GMT

 Learn Python every week alongside other coders in our Code Club! Build real world apps in each interactive session and start your journey into coding! Ages 9-15

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Tutored Learning

Learn to code in our 1:1 courses with personal tutors that create an individualistic teaching style adapted to you or learn alongside others in our Saturday Code Club, making learning fun!



Our courses are developed so you can learn and practice coding in real-time with your tutor for instant feedback!

Inspirational Tutors

Our tutors are hired from top Universities across the globe, and each of them have a passion for teaching and coding!


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Sponsors and Partners

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Begin your journey with Coding with CodeX by learning to code through guided, tutored lessons that are taught by our expert tutors. Our Beginners’ course is designed to teach those who have no previous experience in coding! To get a taste of what we have to offer, head to our book online page or click the button below to arrange a free trial for whenever suits you!

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In our endeavour for inclusivity and social impact, we created the Coding with CodeX Community as we believe coding is an exciting skill to learn wherever possible, no matter your background. Our community brings together like-minded people of all skill levels; whether a seasoned programmer or complete beginner there’s a place for you! From answering questions from less experienced coders on the forums to challenging yourself through weekly coding challenges, we’re sure you’ll find something to keep you busy!

1:1 Courses

Intermediate Python Course

10 Hours
  • Follow-on from Beginners'
  • Learn advanced concepts
  • Learn to tackle problems
  • Build mini-games throughout
  • Rounded Understanding

OOP Python Course

10 Hours
  • Most popular programming paradigm
  • Learn concepts used in mobile app development
  • Learn the beginnings of back-end server programming
  • Build a Black Jack Game

Group Sessions



“The one on one instructions helped me to progress quickly and stay on track with my learning”

Anonymous Testimonial

“I’m very impressed I could send a game to my family to play!”

Camilla's Testimonial

“I’ve tried using other online platforms and courses before but this was the only one where it finally felt manageable!”

Olumide's Testimonial

“The tutor and the client management are superb and lessons are well tailored to my needs. It has been a wonderful experience and the tutor has been excellent. Also, the teaching materials are well designed and easy to understand”


“It was a wonderful experience and the tutor was excellent. The teaching materials are well designed and easy to understand!”  

Anonymous Testimonial

“My son took this class for the first time and REALLY enjoyed it. There’s a test environment for him to actually practice code and he’s excited to continue learning!”