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We’ve developed an ecosystem where complete beginners’ don’t just learn an invaluable skill; they can also get involved in a community that builds on the knowledge that you’ve learnt, whilst exposing them to a wider network within the technology industry. Whilst we aim to empower all, we have 3 main groups of people we seek to empower.


Only 16% of people with Autism are in full-time employment. As a result, we strongly believe that young people with autism should have access to develop useful and employable skills, specifically coding. Students with Autism have a higher chance at excelling in jobs requiring precision and repetition, hence, coding is one of the most valuable skills students with ASC can develop. CodeX provides specialised courses that are designed to be accessible for students with ASC through an individualistic teaching style.


78% of students can’t name a famous woman in tech, and only 3% of females say a career in tech is their first choice. For women, accessing a male-dominated industry can be daunting and challenging. In our mission to diversify the workforce, we strive to increase the visibility of women in the industry whilst providing them with the required skills. We partner with all-girl schools whilst committing to having over half of our team and pool of teachers as women wherever possible.

Disadvantaged Backgrounds

In CodeX’s endeavour of inclusivity, we expanded our vision to also include those from low-socioeconomic backgrounds. Through ongoing and expanding partnerships with various organisations, this has enabled us to offer subsidised courses to those who may not currently be in a position to afford it.

Our Story

Coding with CodeX is an award-winning social enterprise aimed at improving the employability of young people by teaching them to code. In particular, we aim to create inclusive courses that are suitable for both people with and without ASC (Autistic Spectrum Condition).​ We offer one-to-one coding lessons with a trained tutor, where students can learn Python, one of the world’s most widely used programming languages.

Our courses allow students to build up their skills lesson by lesson, culminating in a final project that will demonstrate the real-world applications of coding. We also offer our courses for schools, where we teach our lessons to classes of students on school premises, tailored to fit seamlessly into the school day. Our strong partnerships with our sponsors enable Coding with CodeX to provide insights into how programming fits into the working world.

Beyond this, in light of our goal for accessibility, we’re aiming to create a community community of young coders who can utilise the site and community to network with other link-minded people and also to learn more about coding and the tech industry as a whole. 

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