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What makes the program different?

(Our special sauce)

Cut The Fluff

We don’t waste time. We only teach what we belive will help get our learners a job and career in tech as quick as possible!

Three Steps ahead

All our instructors are current or recently graduated programmers. We believe that you should only ever be 3 steps away from the person teaching you!

Accredited and checked

Coding with CodeX is a STEM.org accredited training provider.  It means we are recognised for quality and excellence in teaching coding.

Did you know?

According to ONS Survey Data, 2020

Working in tech, you can make 1.5x the Average UK Salary!

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Course Overview

10 hours 5 Weeks Online Part-Time Accredited

Setting your foundations

  • Get Hands-on with I/O: Learn to handle user input and system output, essential components of any program.
  • Power of Variables: Understand and use variables, vital tools to store, retrieve and manipulate data in Python.
  • Arrays and Data Types: Dive into different types of data, and how to organize them using arrays for effective programming.

Mastering Control Flow

  • Navigate the world of decision-making in coding. Grasp the power of “if-statements” — simple yet vital tools in programming to control the flow of your code.
  • Learn how “while loops” can make your code run as long as certain conditions are met, making your programming more efficient and smart.
  • Experience how “for loops” can streamline your code, letting you repeat tasks a specific number of times. It’s a skill that makes complex coding tasks simpler.

Interactivity Unleashed

  • Grasp the key to effective programming by learning what functions are and how to use them in Python.
  • Discover the art of crafting your own functions to perform specific tasks, making your code more efficient and organized.
  • By the end of this segment, you’ll design and build an exciting text-based, two-player game of ‘Guess the Number’ to apply your new function knowledge!

Mastering Data Visualisation

  • Learn about Python’s try/except blocks and how they can help you manage errors effectively and keep your code running smoothly.
  • Step into the world of data visualization by learning how to use Matplotlib, a powerful Python library
  • Master the basics of creating and customizing plots with Matplotlib to transform data into intuitive, meaningful visual representations.

Visualize and Create: Bringing Python to Life

  • Unlock the power of Python’s Turtle Graphics – a fun and interactive way to introduce visual programming, while designing and drawing your own creative patterns.
  • Master the art of procedural programming by creating a Magic 8 Ball program – a playful way to apply randomness and user input in Python.
  • Consolidate your learning through practical application, as we pull together previous skills like functions, control flow and user interaction to build a complete, interactive program.

The Tech Program for Non-Tech People

Abdallah Ahmed

Engineer – Network Rail

I was sceptical about my ability to learn how to code, especially with a full time job. When I tried before, it just wasn’t clicking for me. But after this program, I can confidently that I have a strong understanding of coding and Python.

The setup and collaborating with other learners and getting immediate feedback from the instructors was crucial!

I highly recommend this to anyone who is struggling to learn coding on their own. It truly made a difference for me and I’m excited to continue my coding journey.


We offer 0% interest payments via Klarna because we don’t want you to break the bank whilst you break into tech ✨

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Course Commitments

Step in fearless:
Perfect for the true novice, no coding background needed.

Dive into 5 transformative weeks
Just two engaging sessions per week.

What You Will Earn

Secure an accredited certificate:
A passport to the world of coding.

Wear your Python prowess with pride:
Stand out with recognized skills.

What You Will Learn

Master the ABCs of Coding: Navigate the tech world with ease.

Think, solve, repeat:
Become the problem-solver everyone wants on their team.

Why You Should Learn

Unlock doors in the tech universe:
Boost your CV, boost your career.

Sharpen your mind:
Forge a sharper, more logical, problem-solving brain.

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Do I need to have any coding experience?

This course is designed for people who have little to no previous coding experience. We know that coding can be a hard skill to learn, but through our collaborative coding experience, it makes learning the new skill fun and enjoyable!

What are the dates for sessions?

The dates for November ’23 course are:

  • Monday 6th, Wednesday 8th November
  • Monday 13th, Wednesday 15th November
  • Monday 20th, Wednesday 23th November
  • Monday 27th, Wednesday 29h November
  • Monday 4th, Wednesday 6th December

Every session is at 7PM GMT via Zoom.

Are sessions recorded?


We understand that sometimes people can’t make a session, so they’re all recorded.

These are then shared via a community space, where you can also ask any questions you may have to instructors and other learners!

Is this only for people who want a career in tech?

This will definitely help you launch you career in tech, but this course is also perfect for people who want to learn coding as a skill!

What do I get at the end of it?

At the end of completing the course you shall receive an accredited certificate of completion that can be placed on your CV/Resume as proof of knowledge on covering the fundamentals of programming.

This can also be shared on LinkedIn and other career platforms as proof to potential employers.

You will also have a small portfolio of projects to showcase your new found coding skills!

How much does the course cost & can I pay in instalments?

Python Level 1, costs £445.

We do offer 0% interest financing via the popular platform Klarna.

After filling out the application form, if accepted, you will be sent a payment link to secure your place where you can chose to pay in installments.

Do I need an expensive laptop to code in the sessions?

You don’t need a fancy laptop to code in the sessions.

Provided you have a device, either mobile, tablet or desktop, that can connect to the internet via a modern web browser, you will be able to participate just fine!

Is the course ASC friendly?

All of our instructors are trained in teaching ASC learners. Ensuring that the program is accessible to all is still of our highest priority. These sessions are great for ASC learners who are comfortable being on virtual calls with others.

If you want to hear about more programs for ASC learners please send an email to hello@codingwithcodex.co.uk to find out more!

Who can I speak to if I have more questions?

You can send an email to hello@codingwithcodex.co.uk and one of our team members will get back to you!