A Look At Google’s AI Generator – Gemini

A Look At Google’s Gemini In Creating Images

Community member Paul, took a look at Google Gemini’s capabilities in image generations. Combining his love for football (soccer) to see how things play out. 

AI. What is AI?

It is the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. Though it has been around for many years the growth the past five years has been exponential. In its current form, people have been able to use it as part of their everyday lives. Be it for work or playing around. I use multiple AI’s for cover letter & resume creation, travel recommendations, purchasing items, chatbot creation (I had a chatbot be a travel agent giving out horrible travel recommendations), designing images and for many other important and fun reasons (a list of dad jokes).

There are many LLM (Large Language Models) for use. Many are free to use, up to a certain daily limit requests. The providers also have paid options which have unlimited use and other perks. The most popular AI’s are: Microsoft Copilot, ChatGPT, Claude, Perplexity.ai, Jasper, YouChat, Chatsonic, Google Gemini, Socratic by Google & HuggingChat (great for a friendly one on one interaction, no need for a friend).

My go to’s are Copilot, ChatGPT and Gemini. Each model has their pros and cons. After a prompt is given, it is very important to review the responses. AI is not perfect.

For example, I gave Gemini the following prompt: “You are a graphic designer in the style of a Pixar animator. You are to create a well-traveled hamster that is dressed in the traditional garb of his location.” The image created is below. It is not very descriptive because the prompt is not super detailed.

Since I live in the Boston, Massachusetts USA area, I requested the hamster’s location to be Boston. Nothing in the images reflects “Boston.” There is no one in this area wearing that type of hat. 

Having visited London last year and being a long-time football fan, I changed the prompt to reflect London. As you will notice the Arsenal Etihad football stadium did not work.

I am not happy with the results but that is the excitement and frustration about using AI to create images. The user and LLM models are constantly learning. Maybe it will be perfect in the future.

If the user is happy with the result then click on the thumbs up icon, if unhappy with the result then choose the thumbs down.

Next up will be my experiences using AI for cover letters and resume creating & designing personal chatbots.

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