A spotlight on electricity

What do you think is the best invention to ever be created? WiFi? Cars? Fast food chains? For the information gathered, this is my answer.               

Personally, I believe electricity is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind. The reason behind this is because electricity is the base to WiFi connections, TV, microwaves and our beloved refrigerators. But how much do you know about electricity? Today we’ll be talking about the secret life of electricity!           

An introduction to electricity               

Electricity is the flow of electrical power of charge, we get it from primary sources such as natural gas and nuclear power.           

We use electricity in almost everything, our houses, cars, offices, it’s a necessity.   

Credit has been mostly given to one of the US Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin and his famous kite experiment for the discovery of electricity, yet there are other people associated with it. For example, Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric bulb, is said to have contributed to the discovery of electricity.           

There are two main types of electricity; static and current. Static is the rubbing of two objects in order to create friction, while current is the flow of electrical power.  

Interesting facts 

Electricity is subjectively the best invention. Here are 7 interesting facts about it:

  1. The first item to be allegedly powered by electricity was the sewing machine back in the early 1800.
  2. LED light bulbs use one sixth of the electricity regular bulbs do. A Sony PlayStation 3 uses about 200 watts, regardless of whether it’s on or off.
  1. In 1896, Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia, introduced electricity to his country. He had ordered two electric chair as a human torture mechanism, before he realised that they were practically useless since the only form of electricity Ethiopia had known at the time was lightening.
  1. 10 people searching a topic each on Google could power a 60 watt bulb! 
  1. A single wind turbine could power 1400 houses! It could also boil 230 million cups of tea.
  1. Around 70% of people struck by lightning survive. 
  1. The temperature of a lightning bolt can hit 50,000 degrees fahrenheit which is 27,760 degrees celsius for my Europeans.

Who knew electricity could be that SHOCKING?




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