Women in Tech!

It’s ‘Women in Tech’ Saturday! We caught up with one of our CodeX tutors, Ashia, and read below to see what she had to say about being a woman in tech!

18% of Computer Science bachelors at major universities in 2016 were women.

If you are, or know of, a woman in tech who would like to feature on our page, send us a message and we’d love to feature you/them!

Over 50% of our teachers and over 70% of the CodeX team are women!

CodeX aims to empower women in all their tech aspirations and we believe we can do that through providing them with the coding education that will allow them to succeed. We also increase the visibility of women in tech through the presence of female teachers and team members which gives women the opportunity to inspire others around them.

17% of the 1.4 Million people in the E.U studying Tech are Women


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