Wapping Project

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Job Description

In this charity project, we’re looking for someone to help tackle child illiteracy and improve the accessibility of educational resources for young children. We want to expose kids to as many books as possible, by providing this exchange platform.

We’re looking for someone to create a simple WordPress website that can become a platform for parents to exchange books that their children have read with other parents. Through the website, you can accumulate Wapcoins by offering your books to the community. This site would then act akin to a storefront where the different products (books) within the inventory can be uploaded, displayed and seen by site users.

Subsequently, parents should be able to go onto the site and earn and store a virtual coin (“Wapcoin”) for submitting their books onto the website and can use that “Wapcoin” to “purchase” other books within the store.


  • Set up the website hosting
  • Set up a storefront that enables the recordkeeping and display of books within the inventory
  • Add the capability for a virtual coin to be used to purchase the books within the store.


  • None required. Familiarity with WordPress.org site creation would be ideal.

As this is a project for a charity effort, we’re looking for someone that can ideally do this for free or as low a rate as possible.