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Who are Coding with CodeX?

Coding with CodeX is an award-winning social enterprise who believe that education offers the opportunity to combat underrepresentation in the tech industry.

In turn, we aim to improve the employability of individuals by teaching them how to code, delivering specialised coding courses for everyone and especially for those with Autism Spectrum Condition, females and from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. 

We ensure students excel at learning Python with our one-to-one coding lessons by offering tailored lessons taught by experienced tutors.

What is the CodeX Community?

We believe that coding is a creative and exciting skill to learn and therefore being part of the CodeX Community can help you to unlock your skills!

Our community serves as a great place for all skill levels – whether you are just getting into coding or a seasoned programmer. Join a range of likeminded peers on their coding journey, receive help from experienced coders, challenge yourself with weekly activities and expand your knowledge about topics such as machine learning and cybersecurity.

You’ll receive complete access to forums, groups, podcasts, mini-tutorials and a network of aspiring coders by signing up, and better yet – it is completely FREE!

What do our Courses Offer?

Learn to code without any prior knowledge, guided by an experienced tutor through in-person, online or group lessons.

Choose your own timetable with our flexible teaching hours on any of our courses and receive quality teaching from experienced tutors who adapt their teaching style to suit your specific needs.

New to coding?

Start learning python, the most widely used programming language, with our Beginners’ Course.

Dabbled in programming before? 

Take our Intermediate Course to further develop your understanding and application of Python.

Looking for a challenge?

Explore the power of Python by applying your learning in a variety of ways with our Applied Course and Graphics course.