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Learn as a collective, alongside other aspiring coders!

Group Learning

Learning to code in a class alongside other students keeps your learning fun! Hear the questions of other students and get exposed to like-minded individuals. Join in on our vibrant and growing community!

Affordable Drop-Ins

At only £5.50 pp/session, you can begin to learn how to code without having to splash the cash. Each lesson is independent so you can start at any time, and re-join whenever without having to worry about missed lessons!

Content Variety

The group sessions tap into content from all our different courses enabling you to get a wide-ranging glimpse into different facets of coding, keeping it interesting and engaging!


Learn More about our Code Clubs

Our Saturday Code Clubs have been specifically developed to provide a perfect cost-efficient way of learning to code alongside other people. Learning in an environment with other students around helps everyone to leverage off of the knowledge and questions of each other.

The sessions will cover a variety of content, ranging from and including material from all our different courses. This ensures that each lesson in unique and engaging and increases the exposure that you get to levels of coding. Each lesson is independent and project-based so you don’t have to worry about missing any previous session as you’ll learn something handy every time!

The Saturday Code Club take place every Saturday at 10am (UKT) and cost only £5.50 per session for per student. You will be taught by up to 2 experienced tutors enabling a tutored coding experience to be maintained ensuring a seamless transfer of knowledge from the tutor to the student but also from one student to another helping everyone to learn together! 

​Our courses also build you up to be prepared for and capable of achieving various levels of PCEP Certification as well as HackerRank qualifications. You can be sure that what you learn will be useful and valued by everyone!

No prior knowledge is required whatsoever. Learn more about how we develop our courses by clicking below.


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