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SQL Course


Our complete SQL course is part of our Upskill Mini Course Series. This course has been designed by data scientists & engineers at Amazon, Facebook and Accenture with the aim to equip you with all the necessary skills to be able to use the powerful query language SQL in just 5 hours by specifically cutting out the fluff. SQL is used in a varying range of roles from business analysts to data scientists. Laying the foundation for more advance topics such as machine learning, business intelligence and many more.

Course Overview

  • Learn how to query from various databases and spot basic trends in the data by performing common data analysis techniques.

  • Learn the various types of JOINs for tables & how to perform aggregate functions.

  • Learn how to create large scale queries and the best practices for accessing

  • Complete several projects practising data manipulation, querying and analysis.

Students will be able to…

  • Pull and insert data into database tables.

  • Perform basic analysis using aggregate functions.

  • Write large scale and complex queries.

Prerequisites: None

Course Duration: 5 Hours