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Our Story

our story

Why We Started

In 2018, we set out to combat the startling statistic: only 12% of the ASC community were in full-time employment. That’s when Coding with Codex was born. Initially focused on providing industry-grade coding education to the neurodiverse community, we soon realised the vast potential of our mission. Our founding team experienced firsthand the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to education and knew there was a better way. No matter if you’re neurodiverse, come from a low socioeconomic background, or belong to a marginalised community, everyone deserves the support they need to succeed.

Starting as an Enactus Nottingham project, our initial mission was clear: address the employability challenge faced by individuals with autism in the UK. But as we delved deeper, we saw an even greater opportunity. The world of tech was moving rapidly, and we didn’t want anyone left behind. While not everyone might end up as a software engineer, the invaluable skill of coding shouldn’t be exclusive. Our philosophy? 

Founding Team in 2018

Founding Team, 2018

It’s not about what you learn, but how you’re taught.”

Since 2018, we’ve empowered nearly 8,000 learners across 58 countries with coding skills, and we’re on track to reach our goal of 50,000 by 2025.

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Our Global Footprint

How Are We Approaching Our Mission?

Cut The Fluff

The coding world can be overwhelming for beginners. To ensure our learners get the most relevant and practical knowledge, all our content is vetted by our panel of industry advisors from esteemed companies like Meta, Amazon, Marks & Spencers, and Goldman Sachs.

Three Steps ahead

Every instructor at Coding with Codex is either a current programmer or has recently graduated. We believe the best learning happens when the teacher is just a few steps ahead, bringing in fresh, relatable insights.

Community first

Coding can be a challenging journey. That’s why we built our community platform. Some online forums can be intimidating, especially for beginners. We wanted to create a space where learners feel safe to explore, ask questions, and yes, even fail.

Meet The Team

At the heart of Coding with Codex lies a community of passionate, dedicated individuals who believe in the power of coding to change lives. Our team is the backbone of our mission, ensuring every member of our community receives the guidance and support they need on their coding journey.

10+ Instructors

Hailing from diverse backgrounds, our instructors blend technical knowledge with real-world wisdom, driven by a shared passion for teaching.

7 Members @ HQ

Our dedicated HQ team oversees operations, curriculum design, and community engagement, ensuring the mission’s smooth progression.

2 Founders

The pillars behind Coding with Codex, our founders are committed to making coding education accessible and impactful.

8,000 Learners

With learners from 58 countries, our alumni’s diverse journeys attest to the universality of coding.

Summer Social, 2022

What’s the Future Like with Coding with Codex

Our vision is a world where the landscape of coding is accessible to all, irrespective of one’s background. We believe that while not everyone might become a software engineer or delve deep into tech, no one should feel that the skill of coding is beyond their reach. At Coding with Codex, we’re not just teaching coding; we’re building bridges to the future.