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Welcome to Saturday Code Club

Unlock your child’s potential with online interactive, engaging, and fun coding lessons, designed to shape the innovators of tomorrow. Dive into the world of Python and join the digital adventure every Saturday wherever you are via Zoom!

Every Saturday @ 10am – 11am GMT

From £12.99

No coding experience needed, just a curious mind ready to explore!

“It’s more than just a coding club; it’s a stepping stone into your child’s bright digital future.”

Learning Made Fun

At our Saturday Code Club, we transform complex coding concepts into exciting adventures. Every week, your child gets to dive into the world of Python, creating their own projects and gaining new skills in an enjoyable, interactive setting.

Flexible Learning

Missed a week? No problem! Our Saturday Code Club offers standalone, project-based sessions that fit into your schedule. Each class is a unique journey into coding, ensuring your child always learns something new and valuable.

Community First

Our Saturday Code Club is more than a coding class—it’s a community. Here, learners will connect, collaborate, and problem-solve with peers, making our coding sessions a place where they can grow and develop valuable teamwork skills.


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We are a STEM.org accredited training provider

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“I’ve tried using other online platforms and courses before but this was the only one where it finally felt manageable!”

Camilla, 16

“The one on one instructions helped me to progress quickly and stay on track with my learning”


Olumide, 16

“It was a wonderful experience and the tutor was excellent. The teaching materials are well designed and easy to understand!”

Ben, 19

“My son took this class for the first time and REALLY enjoyed it. There’s a test environment for him to actually practice code and he’s excited to continue learning!”



What about if my child doesn't know how to code?

These sessions are designed for people who have little to no previous coding experience. We know that coding can be a hard skill to learn, but through our collaborative coding experience, it makes learning the new skill fun and enjoyable!

Who is the Saturday Code Club for?

The Saturday Code Club is for anyone between ages 9-17 who want’s to learn how to code by building fun and exciting projects every week.

Our sessions cover a range of projects, from building games to web scrapers and much more!

What happens if I subscribe but miss a session?

We understand that things happen and that your child might miss a session every now and again. So as a policy we will refund 100% of up to 5 missed sessions per year.

If you do miss a session, please send an email to finance@codingwithcodex.co.uk your refund will be processed from there.

Do you need a modern laptop to code in the sessions?

You don’t need a fancy laptop to code in the sessions. Provided you have a device, either mobile, tablet or desktop, that can connect to the internet via a modern web browser, you will be able to participate just fine!

Are these sessions ASC friendly?

All of our tutors are trained in teaching ASC students. Ensuring that each session is accessible to all is still of our highest priority. These sessions are great for ASC students who are comfortable being on virtual calls with others. 

If you want to hear about more programs for ASC students please send an email to hello@codingwithcodex.co.uk to find out more!

How does the Saturday Code Club run?

Once you either book a single session or subscribe, you will recieve an email every week with the zoom link for the Saturday Code Clubs session.

This link can also be found on your My Lessons page, under ‘Events’

Who can I speak to if I have more questions?

You can send an email to hello@codingwithcodex.co.uk and one of our team members will get back to you!